Men’s ‘Abstract’ crisp Cotton Jacket. OM Classic Cut. 

The ‘Abstract OM’ jacket is a consistent Aegean Mist Grey-Green colour. An over-sized Woodland Camo pattern OM embroidered in a Sunshine Gold stitch detail encompasses the back, breaking the confines of the back panel and abstracting the classic OM logo. The Woodland Camo ‘O’ leads to a Woodland Camo pattern under collar. 

A statement Tri-band Camo pattern fabric detail is embroidered in Sunshine Gold on the lower left sleeve and an Order Materia brand detail on the right sleeve. 

The jacket is fully lined in Deep Burnt Orange Satin fabric. An interior Woodland Camo pattern pocket sits on the inside left. The two front pockets are lined in the same Burnt Orange Satin. 

The jacket is finished with Rose Gold coloured snap fasteners on the front and the cuff.  

100% Cotton outer shell. 

Dry clean only. 

Limited. Only 8 Men’s ‘Abstract OM’ jackets made. 

Size - Men's medium. 

Actual Jacket Measurements - Chest - 110cm / Length inc band - 65cm / Sleeve length inc cuff - 64cm / Bottom Band and cuff - 5cm deep 


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a consistent Aegean Mist Grey-Green colour