Women’s ‘Bottle Green’ Hooded sports Jersey Jacket. A short 80’s Bomber-style. 

This jacket has a two-piece deep raglan sleeve with a Taupe coloured cotton ribbed cuff. 

Two large angled metal zipped pockets sit on the front. The angle line is accentuated by the two-piece front, the pocket line is mirrored along the centre front to form a chevron shape. 

A gathered hem meets a Taupe coloured Cotton ribbed band.  

The jacket has a casual topstitched collar and hood, which is self-lined in the Bottle Green jersey. 

It is fully lined with Dijon Mustard Yellow and Bottlegreen Petite Polka Dot brushed cotton.  

Metal zipped front.  

Large OM Brand detail in the left side-seam. 

100% Jersey outer shell.  

Dry clean only.  

Limited. Only 10 Women’s ‘Bottle Green Hooded’ jackets made. 

Size - 8 - 12. 

Generous size due to the raglan sleeves. Length inc band - 48cm 


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Bottle Green