Women’s ‘Bottle Green’ sports Jersey Jacket. A short 80’s Bomber-style. 

This jacket has a two-piece deep raglan sleeve with a Taupe coloured cotton ribbed cuff. 

Two large angled metal zipped pockets sit on the front. The angle line is accentuated by the two-piece front, the pocket line is mirrored along the centre front to form a chevron shape. 

A gathered hem meets a Taupe coloured Cotton ribbed band.  

The jacket has a casual topstitched collar. It is fully lined with Dijon Mustard Yellow and Bottlegreen Petite Polka Dot brushed cotton.  

Metal zipped front.  

Large OM Brand detail in the left side-seam. 

100% Jersey outer shell.  

Dry clean only.  

Limited. Only 10 Women’s ‘Bottle Green’ jackets made. 

Size - 8 - 12. 

Generous size due to the raglan sleeves. Length inc band - 48cm 


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Bottle Green