The Humble Wellie Has Made Its Way Into Luxury Fashion

The Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta sent models down the A/W 20/20 Milan Fashion Week catwalk wearing the most amazing Avant-garde kicks, the ‘Puddle Boot’. I love their name. Is it taken from the puddling of the model’s trousers on the runway, partly obscuring the footwear or the humble puddle and its childlike connotations? The wellie has made its way into luxury fashion. The fully biodegradable polymer boots are made with natural molecules derived from sugarcane and coffee, rather than synthetic chemicals. The boots will biodegrade within a year once placed underground or in a controlled environment under specific lighting and humidity conditions.

Designed by Daniel Lee, creative director, there is something quite beautiful in their sleek seamless form, with a chunky rounded toe, lightweight and waterproof Chelsea boot design. I for one would love a pair. The dilemma would be which colour. With colour names of Kiwi, Lollipop, Fondant and Rubber Band as well as the classic Black. Does it need to be wet weather to wear them? I don’t think so.

Image courtesy of Eva Al Desnudo